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Imperial College

The great Exhibition Road festival

After taking inspiration from some of the fascinating areas of research being explored by researchers @imperialcollege - 10 artists selected by Interplay, brought the topics to life over two days of live painting - whilst chatting to visitors, explaining their ideas.
A massive thank you  to all the people at @imperialcollege who are behind the annual festival - which brings together local cultural organisations for a spectacular programme of arts and science in an accessible and engaging way through hands-on workshops, drop-in activities, live performances and more. 


My piece was inspired by the work of Dr. Ian Mudway / Urban air quality - expert on the constituents of urban air, measuring air quality and the health implications of the different particulates, and assessing how policies like Ulez can make differencnes to lives and lif eexpectancy

More info can be found here -

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