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To help entertain the little ones during this difficult lockdown I've created two activity books that you can download for free.

There are 2 themes:

Grow your own City & Grow your own Forest

The idea is that we create a project together.

Using the templates, send me your creations at and

Let see which one grows faster as I will assemble each as I receive your customer ones!



These illustrations are based on an ongoing
project that I started in 2009 inspired by the saying “walls have ears” and by real facades of houses
in East London, where I live, and which looked like friendly faces. Imagine what they must see  everyday!

The word facade means the exterior side of 
a building that you can see when you stand in
front of it. The word comes from French “façade”
and Italian “faccia”, meaning face. 

This coloring book is adapted from my book “Walls Can See” published in 2013 and kids workshops that I created in various schools around London since then.

Use these templates to create your very own houses and shop fronts. You can put all the colours and shapes you want to make the portait
of the places you would like to visit after the lockdown. Send me your creations at :,
and tag @lucille_clerc on instagram if you would like to be featured.

A scan or a photo will do! 

Let’s build a city together!

Stay well, stay safe, stay home!  


There are over 60 000 spiecies of trees in the World. They are the biggest plants on Earth and they have been on the planet for about 370 million years. Standing alone they can be fragile but as a forest they give us oxygen to breath, stabilise the ground we walk on and give food and shelter to the wildlife. The more diversity the better.

Use these templates to create your own imaginary trees, think about their colours, the way they change as seasons change too. 

Think about the flowers and fruits they produce and all the animals that live in their branches.

You can put all the colours and shapes you want to create the portrait of the trees you would like to go see after the lockdown. 


Send your creations to 

and tag @lucille_clerc on Instagram if you’d like to be featured. A scan or a photo will do! 

Let’s grow a forest together!

Stay well, stay safe, stay home!



Although these download are free I can only encourage you to make a donation to one of these associations and charities to support key workers and the weakest in their daily battle:

Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris

NHS together

Protect Refugees

Croix Rouge Nancy

Secours Populaire Nancy

Les Restos du CÅ“ur


Thank You! - Merci!

Lucille Clerc

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