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Around the World in 80 Plants

Written by Jonathan Drori

Published by Laurence King

Cover and illustrations of best-seller

sequel to Around the World in 80 Trees

Featured in

The Guardian

The Herald Scotland


Garden Illustrated

'The book is lively, entertaining and educational and the author's personal
comments and witty asides, often made me laugh out loud.  It is a credit to
his skill and dedication that every fact-filled sentence is rich in
information about each chosen plant, be it ethnobotanical, economic,
folklore, myth, history, religion, culinary or etymology - not a word is
wasted......  Lucille Clerc's astonishingly beautiful, vibrantly coloured
illustrations are an absolute delight, summing up the key points about each
plant perfectly - you will find humour in these too.    This book has a
broad appeal, especially to a lover of art and plants.  It would make a
fabulous gift, yet contains enough facts to be of benefit to students of
plant sciences, it is also a must have for anyone who guides at a public
garden or has an interest in the relationship between plants and people in
the past, present and future.'
Matthew Biggs.

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