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Penser Le Vivant

Cover and 8 illustrations 

Modernity has not only transformed nature into an object of domination,

it has undone the thousand ties that connect us to it. Daily practices, accumulated observations, treatments, flavors, landscapes, daydreams: faced

with the threats weighing on the Earth ecosystem, it is urgent to reconnect these broken threads.

This is the ambition of this book, which brings together articles of

all kinds - interviews, analyzes, portraits, surveys - most often produced during the meeting with inspiring thinkers and who give them a voice.

They are agronomist, biologist, ethologist, anthropologist, philosopher, historian, activist, writer. Each in their own way, they tell of the interdependence of man and the species that surround him.

An original, colorful, luminous body

of work.

This volume reflects the commitment

of L'Obs journalists to these issues.

For several years, they have been meeting many players in ecological thinking,

in France and around the world. Their articles have been richly illustrated with drawings which are also reproduced here.

Texts by 

Glenn Albrecht, Étienne Bimbenet,

Pierre Charbonnier, Lionel Daudet, Philippe Descola, Marc Dufumier, Vinciane Despret, Dian Fossey,

Jean-Baptiste Fressoz, Yuval Noah Harari, Donna Haraway, Éric Karsenti, Alexandre Lacroix, Bruno Latour, Erri De Luca, Virginie Maris, Baptiste Morizot, Corine Pelluchon, James Scott, Pablo Servigne, Vandana Shiva, Anna Tsing, Frans De Waal.

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