On Wednesday 07.01.15 I am devastated, just like everyone else. The only way I have to express myself is to draw, so I drew a small sketch thinking about them, feeling lucky about how I’ve been raised in France, and I’ve made a wish for the “after”.
I will never be pleased that this image exists. The only thing I can be happy about is the fact that this image has linked people around a message of hope and peace. Thank you for the numerous pacifist reactions I’ve received from people all around the world. I wish I could answer each of them, but time is missing and I will answer a few questions here instead.
I am French and a woman, and I was lucky enough to grow up in a free country. I never had to fight for my freedom of speech or opinion, neither for my rights to be educated or work. This is my treasure, this is our most precious treasure and like so many people, I believe in these great values I’ve inherited from those who built our democracy.
I’ve used my pencil to attract attention on this issue, certainly not on me, I’m just a tiny drop in a wave of people chocked by what happened. And I believe my drawing has spread because of its message, not because of who I am. I am now linked to all these anonymous people and this is something that deeply moves me. Yet I am no public figure. For this reason I will not appear directly in media. I feel that this message of freedom can only grow if we stay united, no leader, no face needed, we all are Charlie. What really matters is that Ideas never die. I’m not a cartoonist, and will never be one. My drawing was a quick spontaneous reaction, and I can only hope it will inspire more people to sharpen their pencils and that there will be more and more pacifist answers to this tragedy.
No commercial use of this image is allowed